Date Night Destinations with Lone Star

Hey there Poptropicans! As many of you know, it’s a very special time of year, and a very special time of year deserves a very special episode of Vacation Destinations. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I’ve picked some prime spots to take your favorite Poptropican out on a date.

Classic Date Destinations: 

For all you old school romantics, here are a couple of date night spots that you can’t go wrong with.

tunnel of love.jpg

Destination: Tunnel of Love

Location: Monster Carnival Island

Poptropica’s infamous carnival provides more than just rigged games! The Tunnel of Love has a sickly sweet, kitchy atmosphere that your date is sure to find charming.


Destination: Sunrise Street Chinese Theater

Location: Back Lot Island

Movie dates are undeniably classic, and what better place to see a movie than Back Lot Island? Impress your date by taking them out to the most unique cinema in all of Poptropica.

Romantic Restaurants:

Some say the way to the heart is through the stomach. Why not give that philosophy a try at one of these fine establishments?


Destination: Rooftop Restaurant

Location: Early Poptropica Island

The premise is simple: it’s a restaurant on a rooftop. Yet this intriguing spot is the only one of its kind on Poptropica. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most enduring.

bad bistro.jpg

Destination: B.A.D. Bistro

Location: Spy Island

If you like your spaghetti with a side of espionage, you’ve come to the right place. This classy joint is the perfect atmosphere for decoding your date’s heart.

The Great Outdoors:

For cost effective romantic backdrops, look no further than the natural world.


Destination: Sacred Tree

Location: Twisted Thicket Island

If you can make it past the forest creatures, the base of the Sacred Tree is the perfect place for a picnic. The glowing runes and fairy lights provide soft light and a mystical atmosphere.

beach party.jpg

Destination: Aphrodite’s Beach Party

Location: Mythology Island

If forests aren’t your thing, head to the beach! This is the second time I’ve featured this destination – and with good reason! Aphrodite’s beach party is the place to be.  And besides, if you’re going to be praying that your date goes well, why not do it in person to the goddess of love?

Areas for the Active:

Sports fanatics, this is for you! And to all you couch potatoes out there: physical activity is known to get the blood pumping. Why not give these date destinations a try?


Destination: Poptropolis Games

Take your sporting sweetheart out to watch the greatest athletic competition of all time. Cheer for your tribe (go Seraphim!) and witness the glory – together.


Destination: Waist Not Fitness Center

Location: Virus Hunter Island

Are you a health freak? Are you so obsessed with fitness that you’d take your date to a gym? Boy have I got the place for you! The finest gym on Poptropica is also a great place to nurture romance. Look out for the falafel stand down the street if you’re in need of a post-workout snack.

Nightlife Destinations:

If you’re interested in something more sophisticated, impress your date with a trip to one of these exclusive clubs. Afraid they won’t let you in? Don’t worry – just tell them Lone Star sent you. You and your date are sure to get the VIP treatment.

noveau riche.jpg

Destination: Club Noveau Riche

Location: Game Show Island

Robots may not be able to feel love like us, but they certainly know how to create a classy date night destination. Try your hand at pool or spin your sweetheart on the dance floor. Who knew the robot uprising could be this much fun?

sing sing karaoke.jpg

Destination: Sing Sing Karaoke

Location: Zomberry Island

Don’t let the zombies frighten you away – Sing Sing Karaoke is a great spot to relax and have fun with your date. Bonus points if you can get DJ Saturday Nite to play your date’s favorite song.

Well, that’s all for this round of Vacation Date Night Destinations. As always, I’m Lone Star, and I’ll see you around. Happy Valentine’s Day, and don’t forget to keep popping!



50s ASGS

Note: if you aren’t sure what I’m talking about regarding “ASGs”, check out my FAQ page.

I’ve been experimenting with creating themed costumes lately, and the world building on Monster Carnival Island inspired me to make a set of 1950s teenager ASGs.

In order, we have:

50sgirl_1, a brilliant mathematician who will go on to work as a computer for NASA.

50sboy_1, a  bad boy biker with fantastic hair.

50sgirl_2, a dedicated scrapbooker, will eventually go on to have five kids and a horde of grandchildren.

50sboy_2, a budding rocket scientist, sci fi enthusiast, and huge dork.

Vacation Destinations with Lone Star

Note: this is an in-character post, in which I write from the perspective of my Poptropica avatar. 

Hi folks, it’s Lone Star: explorer, adventurer, and your guide to the greatest places on Poptropica! I’m here to debut a new series: Vacation Destinations. Do you dream of escaping your dull daily grind? Looking for a change of scenery? Look no further! In this series, I plan to highlight the greatest vacation spots Poptropica has to offer.

To start off, I’ve racked my brain to determine the three sunniest places on Poptropica. After all, you can’t go wrong with white sandy beaches and plenty of vitamin D. Now, without further ado, here are the three best classic vacation spots in all of Poptropica.

#3. Aphrodite’s Beach Party (Mythology Island)


Make your way east through the temple grove, skip over the entrance to Hades’ kingdom, and you’ll find yourself standing in front of the temple of Poseidon. If he accepts your offering, you’ll be invited to the greatest beach party of all time! Why is it the greatest? Well for starters, you’ll get to mingle with the gods!


Your host is Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, and boy does she know how to throw a party! The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. The scenery is spectacular and the classic temple architecture is fit for the divine. Plus, with Triton the sea god as your lifeguard, there’s no fear of drowning.


Best of all, the divine nature of the host means that this party never stops! That’s right, any time you decide to drop in, Aphrodite’s ready to welcome you. What more could you ask for in a beach party?

#2. The Sandy Beach and the Falls (Mystery of the Map Island)


Even the greatest beach party ever held may prove unappealing to introverts. Luckily, Poptropica has no shortage of solitary beach destinations.

Mystery of the Map Island has everything you could want in a classic beach getaway: palm trees, warm sand, and a magnificent ocean view. For animal lovers, here’s an additional treat: this is the only place in Poptropica where you can spot the rare dodo bird in the wild.

mystery-map-dodosStill not intrigued? Well, this is far from just a beach getaway. This island is home to a beautiful waterfall. Climb up to the top for a breathtaking view, or simply admire the majestic current as the deafening roar fills your ears.


However, this vacation spot comes with a significant caveat: the island is absolutely overrun with hostile Vikings. Why are they on a tropical island? Nobody knows. Luckily for us, they mostly stay in their well marked territories, so this island’s beautiful sights are free for the average Poptropican to explore!

#1. Shark Tooth Island

This is it. The ultimate beach getaway. Shark Tooth Island has it all, from friendly locals, island ruins, to some of the most spectacular beaches in all of Poptropica. I’d include more images, but no picture does this island justice.

Overlooking the infamous Booga Bay, this island has its share of sandy shores, but the real highlight of Shark Tooth Island is its notable population. Every islander you meet has a fascinating story to tell, and it’s a real treat getting to know each member of the community on a personal basis.

I won’t spoil the pleasure that comes from investigating the island’s attractions. You really must see them for yourself. Shark Tooth Island is more than just a great vacation destination, it’s a fascinating area with a rich history. But for the purposes of this blog, let’s just say that it steals the title of the best classic vacation spot in all of Poptropica.



I hope you enjoyed my first entry in this series. I’ll be sure to update soon with more prime travel spots. For now, you’ll find me sitting back watching the sun set over Booga Bay. After all, travel writers need vacations too!

Until next time, I’m Lone Star, and this has been Vacation Destinations. See you soon, and happy travels!

First Batch of Costumes

Note: if you aren’t sure what I’m talking about regarding “ASGs”, check out my FAQ page

For my inaugural blog post, I’ve decided to share four ASG available costumes from my lady-grey and earl-grey rare username series.

Little Lizard has the username lady-grey and included the female Icarus hair, which I don’t think I’ve seen on any other ASG.

Bronze Rock has the username lady-grey2. I think I was trying to make an ice fairy warrior. She will almost certainly kick your butt.

Purple Storm is lady-grey3 and she’s exactly what it says on the tin, a purple storm. Note: the lightning bolt has a spacebar special effect on non-SUIs.

Strange Shark is … a very strange shark. In fact, probably not a shark at all. He is the first in the earl-grey series, no number next to his name! The medusa hair may behave strangely on SUIs and the closed eye effect will only appear on non-SUIs.