Vacation Destinations with Lone Star

Note: this is an in-character post, in which I write from the perspective of my Poptropica avatar. 

Hi folks, it’s Lone Star: explorer, adventurer, and your guide to the greatest places on Poptropica! I’m here to debut a new series: Vacation Destinations. Do you dream of escaping your dull daily grind? Looking for a change of scenery? Look no further! In this series, I plan to highlight the greatest vacation spots Poptropica has to offer.

To start off, I’ve racked my brain to determine the three sunniest places on Poptropica. After all, you can’t go wrong with white sandy beaches and plenty of vitamin D. Now, without further ado, here are the three best classic vacation spots in all of Poptropica.

#3. Aphrodite’s Beach Party (Mythology Island)


Make your way east through the temple grove, skip over the entrance to Hades’ kingdom, and you’ll find yourself standing in front of the temple of Poseidon. If he accepts your offering, you’ll be invited to the greatest beach party of all time! Why is it the greatest? Well for starters, you’ll get to mingle with the gods!


Your host is Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, and boy does she know how to throw a party! The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. The scenery is spectacular and the classic temple architecture is fit for the divine. Plus, with Triton the sea god as your lifeguard, there’s no fear of drowning.


Best of all, the divine nature of the host means that this party never stops! That’s right, any time you decide to drop in, Aphrodite’s ready to welcome you. What more could you ask for in a beach party?

#2. The Sandy Beach and the Falls (Mystery of the Map Island)


Even the greatest beach party ever held may prove unappealing to introverts. Luckily, Poptropica has no shortage of solitary beach destinations.

Mystery of the Map Island has everything you could want in a classic beach getaway: palm trees, warm sand, and a magnificent ocean view. For animal lovers, here’s an additional treat: this is the only place in Poptropica where you can spot the rare dodo bird in the wild.

mystery-map-dodosStill not intrigued? Well, this is far from just a beach getaway. This island is home to a beautiful waterfall. Climb up to the top for a breathtaking view, or simply admire the majestic current as the deafening roar fills your ears.


However, this vacation spot comes with a significant caveat: the island is absolutely overrun with hostile Vikings. Why are they on a tropical island? Nobody knows. Luckily for us, they mostly stay in their well marked territories, so this island’s beautiful sights are free for the average Poptropican to explore!

#1. Shark Tooth Island

This is it. The ultimate beach getaway. Shark Tooth Island has it all, from friendly locals, island ruins, to some of the most spectacular beaches in all of Poptropica. I’d include more images, but no picture does this island justice.

Overlooking the infamous Booga Bay, this island has its share of sandy shores, but the real highlight of Shark Tooth Island is its notable population. Every islander you meet has a fascinating story to tell, and it’s a real treat getting to know each member of the community on a personal basis.

I won’t spoil the pleasure that comes from investigating the island’s attractions. You really must see them for yourself. Shark Tooth Island is more than just a great vacation destination, it’s a fascinating area with a rich history. But for the purposes of this blog, let’s just say that it steals the title of the best classic vacation spot in all of Poptropica.



I hope you enjoyed my first entry in this series. I’ll be sure to update soon with more prime travel spots. For now, you’ll find me sitting back watching the sun set over Booga Bay. After all, travel writers need vacations too!

Until next time, I’m Lone Star, and this has been Vacation Destinations. See you soon, and happy travels!


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