Welcome to PoptrOdyssey! This is a fan-created supplement to the gaming experience provided at poptropica.com.

As you may have guessed, my name isn’t actually Lone Star. I’ve been a dedicated fan since 2007, and I decided to start this blog so I could share the perspective I’ve developed through years of playing.

This blog includes some costumes I’ve created through glitching (currently available for use with the Avatar Studio Gift on the Poptropica Help Blog), theories about Poptropica, and various other musings.

In addition, I sometimes write in character as my avatar. This isn’t meant to be a guide to gameplay, merely an exploration of Poptropica’s extensive worldbuilding. Think of Lone Star as a kind of travel writer. You can browse this portion of the blog to find interesting places to explore, fun things to do if you’ve finished an island, or just an entertaining Poptropica based narrative.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy popping!