What’s your username?

In addition to my main Lone Star account, I have a few usernames. I’ve decided to keep them private for now, but that may change in the near future!

What are ASGs?

The ASG, or Avatar Studio Glitch is a “good” Poptropica glitch that allows an account to access rare costumes and potentially other cool features. I did NOT discover the ASG, some folks over at the Poptropica Help Blog did, and they currently have the largest collection of rare usernames. Their collection is known as the Avatar Studio Gift, and I’m a very recent contributor. For information on how to use the glitch, more usernames, and important things to know before you try it, find their page here. It’s a great resource, as is the entire site.

Can I contribute to your site? 

Yes, I’d love that! I manage this site by myself (as of now) so any contributions are more than welcome! Leave a comment anywhere and I’ll get in contact with you.